सुंदरसा बांधा तिचा दिसते ति सुरेख
सर्वांमध्ये उठून दिस्ते रुपवती ती एक

सूर्य किरणांनी उज्वलीत जसे संपूर्ण आकाश
चेहर्‍यावरील तेज तसे अनुभवितो प्रकाश

अंजनाने सुशोबित असे डोळे तिचे लाजरे
पाहुनी एकदा तिला जसे मन होई बावरे

कोमल अश्या ओठांतुन जन्मे हास्य अगदी मवाळ
हसरूपी बाणाने करी शेकडों मने घायाळ

तिच्या ओठांवरील तिळ जसा वाटे नजरचा टिका
सौंदर्य त्याचे अप्रतिम वाटे कोहिनूर ही फिका

आवाज ऐकुनी तिचा होई कोकिळेचा आभास
रोज ऐकावसा वाटे तिचा उष्ण श्वासोश्वास

एका खास व्यक्तिसाठी………


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Being hurt….

The way she has made me feel guilty
Her every insulting word feels like pity

Once she too committed a mistake
But I considered it to be just for a sake

When it comes to you, you were hurt
When it comes to me, I was absurd

Forgiveness for me has no meaning left
Hearing your words my heart has wept

Now for once and for all
I wish to confess it all

Neither do I need you not your presence
I have learned to live even in self absence….


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COVID-19An Opportunity of Self Realisation for the entire Human Race

The day the whole World went under a lockdown was the last day before every thing and every person of the World seemed to be free. But somewhere all of us must think that isn’t it a high time that Nature has been trying to say that we as humans have never thought of analysing our own deeds causing every human to think of what and where the things exactly have gone wrong. COVID-19 pandemic somewhere has proved to be an enforcement by the nature on the human race to think and act in favour of it. Humans think that they are inevitable but No…! Absolutely not..! we humans have forgotten that we are just a part of the ecosystem and the nature. We can’t teach lessons to the one whose every move is a lesson for us, the Ultimate Teacher i.e THE MOTHER NATURE……..We should be thankful enough that she has been sustainably bearing all the pain and agony our entire human race has been imposing on her. But now she isn’t in a mood to keep bearing it further. And even now if we don’t think and act in her favor she is strong and powerful enough to eradicate every single human creature on this planet. She has been Kind, Loving, Affectionate, Tender but we have transmogrified her to Harsh, Rude, Unkind, Unaffectionate one. Still there is time to realise and react and repent for our deeds and live along with the nature and not against her.